When Should You Clean Your Patio?

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Cleaning your patio in Spring

Many people choose to clean their patios in the spring. This is because your patio has been subjected to a lot of wear and tear during winter. The appearance of your patio can be dramatically improved by a simple clean-up. Using a brush, sweep the debris into a heap, then bag and dispose of the pile. You can now look at your patio to decide the next steps to make it look great.

Cleaning your patio in Summer

There are a few reasons why people choose the summer to clean their patio. Your patio was used a lot in the spring to tend to flowerbeds and cut grass. The weather is warming up and you will be spending more time on your patio.

Use a brush to sweep your patio to remove any loose dirt, leaves, and debris. This will make your patio look better. Take a stroll around the patio and check for any damage. For example, some patio slabs may be loose or missing.

Cleaning your patio in Autumn

We clean our paving more often in the autumn because we use it a lot during the summer. Leaves have fallen off the trees and the hedges and plants are pruned. Now is the time to prepare for winter. Remove loose debris from your patio and collect all leaves to either compost or dispose of. It is important to remove leaves because they will decompose and become a slippery hazard. They can also stain the patio, making it more difficult to clean after all debris has been removed.

Cleaning your patio in Winter

The procedure for winter and autumn is the same. You can compost the leaves to use in your garden. If you want to avoid a slippery mess, remove the leaves from your paving in winter. They will decompose and turn into mushy sludge that can be dangerous after all debris has been removed.

When Should I Clean My Patio?

The answer is, whenever it is right for you.

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