What to Do In Case of a Fire – 5 Life Saving Tips

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Life is unpredictable; a dangerous incident such as a fire can occur anywhere around the globe due to minor things like an electric spark, candle, or even smoking. Although a fire alarm can alert a person, it does not guarantee a safe fire escape plan.

According to the NFPA 2018 report, more than 50,000 accidents of fire transpire because of heating equipment. Therefore, nothing can be done about the causes except to take some precautionary measures. And, the most important part of preventive measures is to learn life-saving tips for safe evacuation.

5 Helpful Fire Safety Tips

  •       Preparing an Escape Plan

A reliable escape plan is essential; without it, saving lives in a fire emergency is a cache. Remember that fire spreads quickly, and thinking about what to do after a fire is the same as taking a gamble.

Hence, it’s better to understand the house map and different emergency exit ways. Then one should make a full-proof evacuation plan and practice it thrice a year.

  •       No to Panic

It is natural to be afraid, especially when there’s a fire and everyone wants to get out of the building. Moreover, panic always creates problems. Actions like breaking a door or window to get out will only create more problems since more oxygen has access to the fire.

So if there’s no way out, then one should consider following the mentioned procedure.

  •       Closing the doors in the home.
  •       Using cloth as a cover on the nose and breathing slowly.
  •       One shouldn’t break any window completely to get fresh air; rather, it should be opened only a few inches.
  •       One should stay patient and wait for the fire department.
  •       Informing Others

First and foremost, one should inform others about the fire. The next step is to find a safe place at home, calling 911, and doing what the fire department says. If there is no phone, the person stuck in the fire should send signals to neighbors through the window, pull the fire alarm, and ask for help.

  •       Searching for Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in the home is the best thing for safety. Though one fire extinguisher can’t stop the whole fire, still it’s good while encountering a small one or resist for a couple of minutes, till help arrives.

One Shouldn’t Do These Things in a Fire

Following the escape plan is the safest option for a fire emergency, but not everyone has a plan, and that’s where people make erroneous decisions.

Due to this reason, it is imperative to know the don’ts in case of fire.

  •       Opening a door without checking the heat is not at all recommended.
  •       Running in the house should be avoided; instead, one can crawl on the hands and knees.
  •       One shouldn’t use the elevator instead of a staircase.
  •       Nothing is more important than life, so it’s better not to think about taking some valuable things.
  •       One shouldn’t hide in a place where firefighters can’t see, such as under a bed.


Following the steps above can save anyone who doesn’t have an escape plan. However, one should never forget that there must be an escape plan as it can be dangerous to think about a way to evacuate after the fire alarm goes off.