Unique Custom Boxes

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Do you feel like your brand isn’t reaching its potential? It might be due to lack of strategic marketing plans, low brand quality, or just maybe it’s your packaging. Yes, that is right, your packaging! We will like to assume that your products are top quality and that customers know about it. However, if your packaging isn’t up to par, then that’s a problem. Nowadays, investing in custom boxes isn’t an option. It is a mandatory strategy to offer quick turn around and move your products quickly.

With our high end cutting die equipment, quality material, state of the art printing and endless creativity, we help businesses design custom boxes that are worth investing in. Boxes that will drive marketing and sales. This is our specialty for many years and we have gathered the knowledge on what sells. You can trust us to deliver custom boxes you need for your products.

We handle the customization based on;

  • The industry – industry specific custom boxes are necessary to add protection during the shipping process. We also consider this factor so that we can help save you money by designing a box that fits the product in terms of sensitivity. For instance, instead of spending extra money on box cushioning for fragile items, we design a box that is thick enough to hold the item. In addition, custom boxes fit the product so no need buying fill-up materials.
  • Box style- whether its envelope based, full overlap, pizza style or self-locking, we can design the box to open however you want. Not only that, we add a personal touch based on the type of product. Refine Packaging designs custom boxes that help in assessing whether the box needs handles or even a window display. All in all, custom boxes come in different styles and you can request boxes of any style from our already made pile or get in touch with us for your own designs.
  • Product size and shape- every product in the market has a unique size and shape. Some are oddly shaped and need to be fitted in their special boxes. The solution to this problem therefore is custom boxes that are unique to the shape and size of the products.
  • The material– last but not least, our boxes are made from quality material that are eco-friendly and sturdy. The materials we mostly use are corrugated boxes, Kraft, and cardboard. They are easy to print on and cut into different shapes and sizes.

You never go wrong with our custom boxes. Using these factors as a guide, we are able to assist your business grow and rip the benefits of good packaging. Our boxes promise, brand awareness, durability, protection and a good brand reputation. Get into contact with us for your custom made boxes.