Things That Need To Happen Before An Oil Tank Gets Removed

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If you live in New York or another northern state, there’s a good chance that you have an oil tank. Why? Because these units store fuel to heat peoples’ houses. However, from time to time, the tanks need to be removed. For example, if a person converts their house to central a/c and heat, they probably won’t have use for the unit any longer. So removing it becomes necessary to ensure that leaks don’t occur under or above the ground, contaminating the soil and groundwater along the way.

Choose a Licensed Professional

Not just anyone can partake in oil tank removal Westchester County NY. Those that complete these projects must be approved to do so and licensed by the state. Hence, instead of breaking out the shovel and beginning to dig, or loosening fittings on an above-ground tank, contact an organization that removes these devices for a living. They’ll get rid of the device in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. Then, you’ll be able to do whatever you wish with your yard like perhaps install a hot tub or swimming pool without any concerns of an oil tank being in the way.

Utility Lines Need To Be Marked

Randomly digging up a yard without taking precautions can turn into a nightmare. That’s why utility lines need to be located and marked before an underground oil tank is removed. If those items aren’t identified, they could get dug up and broken during your tank removal. That may not sound like too big of an issue, but it might be. For example, your place may be without electricity, internet, or phone service, which can make things pretty inconvenient for you and your family. Oil tank companies can handle these matters and more, so don’t trust your removal to just anyone.

Obtain The Appropriate Permits

Often, before an oil tank removal occurs, the business doing the deed must pull permits. Then, an inspector will come out to the property to examine their work and ensure it was done correctly. Passing marks will assure that everything is A-OK, but other tasks will need to be completed if a job fails the inspection.

Permits and inspections can seem like drags, but they are necessary to protect homeowners, their properties, and their assets. Getting the proper permits can be challenging if you don’t have the correct credentials. So do yourself a favor and call a company that specializes in oil tank removals. They know how to do everything by the book and get rid of your tank with ease.