Steps that are to be followed by you for cleaning the microwave with vinegar

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Are you aware of the fact that if you want to get the same performance of your kitchen appliance for a long time, then these are to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis? The cleaning of the microwave with vinegar is the best option which that can save you lots of time as well as efforts. The steaming method is one of the top rated methods of cleaning the microwave with the help of vinegar. You should give some attention to the steps that will let you to clean easily with the steaming method.


 This is the very first thing that is to be done by you when you willing to clean your microwave. You have to look for how to clean the microwave with vinegar. Then you simply have to pour the one cup of vinegar into the microwave oven. One thing you should keep one thing in mind that you are considering the use of a safe bowl and also include the use of one cup of water. Then you have to place the cup in the microwave and put the spoon in the liquid.


 This is the time when you have to set a timer of 5-10 minutes on your oven. It mainly depends upon the power of your oven if it is big size oven then the tie mot 3-5 minutes is enough for you. When the time gets over, you have to safely bring out the bowl from the oven. For the safety measures, it is a better option to consider the use of the oven mitt as it will prevent your hand from getting burnt.


Now you have to take a clean cloth and start wiping the door of the microwave oven. Once you are done with it, then you have to wipe it internally. You have to clean each and every part thoroughly as you will notice that it will not require much of your efforts. This is because the steams of the vinegar will enough remove the hardest stains present on the walls of the microwave. All the spills will be permanently removed from the microwave, and you will get a well cleaned oven within a very short time period.

Bonus tip

 If you want to get your microwave extra cleaned, then you should consider the use of the microfiber cloth. You should put some alcohol on it and rub it thoroughly for a few minutes. The better option is to pour the alcohol or window cleaner directly on the piece of fabric. Once you are done with this, then it is time to use the damp cloth, which will make the surface of the microwave shinier and cleansed internally as well as externally.

 Thus, there is no doubt that you will surely get satisfied with the quality of cleaning that will be offered to you by having the use of the vinegar. There is no doubt that you will not get this type of cleaning from any other method.