Security Upgrades All Homeowners Should Consider  

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Your home is like your castle, and you’ll no doubt want to protect it. The good news is, most thefts and break-ins aren’t planned, but are simply opportunistic, spotting homes that look vulnerable and swooping in. However, in some areas, homes will be watched and targeted, so you need to protect from both kinds of burglaries, and here are some security upgrades you can consider that help.

Add some random lighting

If you’re away for the night or on holiday, you can make sure your home still looks lived-in by adding some lights on a timer, which you can even control via your phone. This means burglars can’t find a window when breaking in would be easy for them, so it puts them off.

Some other things you can do when you’re away include:

  • Getting neighbours to bring your bins in
  • Fitting a mailbox so intruders can’t see letters piling up
  • Having neighbours park one of their cars in your drive
  • Asking neighbours to open and close curtains on windows that face the street

If your home looks lived-in, its less likely to be targeted as it’s a hassle for potential thieves.

Security cameras

Security cameras used to be used by those who lived in mansions and country estates, but nowadays they’re so cheap and easy to use, it’s common to see them on all sorts of houses.

A video doorbell is a good way to prevent petty crimes such as parcel theft, as most models have motion detectors. This means if someone is poking around your front yard, you can get footage of them and an alert. Many models also allow you to sound an alarm or spook potential intruders by talking through the system.

Stronger locks

How many times have you changed the locks on your front door? Odds are, the answer is never. However, certain types of lock are easy to pick and simply don’t offer the protection you’d expect. It’s worth looking for a locksmith Baldivis who can fit state of the art locks and advise on home security. A good lock can deter burglars who are looking for an easy job, so are worth investing in.

All homeowners should take home security seriously, and upgrading a few things in your home means you’re less likely to become a victim of a robbery. Not only do they make an intruder’s life harder, they work as a deterrent, as thieves will look for homes where they can get in and out quickly.