Preventing Termite Infestations: Knowing What to Look For

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Typically, termite infestations can cost homeowners at least $3, 000 in repairs plus the cost of termite treatments. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance policies may not cover termite damage. This makes it important for homeowners to be proactive in terms of Schertz pest control prevention. Pest control experts can offer expert advice to help you prevent a termite infestation. 

How to Know Termites Have Claimed Your Home

It is important to know what to look for to minimize the amount of time termites have to infest your house. The following are signs termites are in or around your house. 

  • There are swarmers. Reproductive pairs of termites will leave their colony to mate. Typically, this can happen early March through June when the conditions are right. 
  • You can find discarded wings. These discarded wings are from termites that fly from their nest to find a place to build a new colony with their chosen mate. These will shed their wings once they find the right location.
  • Damaged wood. You will know you have a termite issue when you see damaged wood or when the wood in your house looks soft or sounds hollow.  
  • Mud tubes are present. Termites use mud tunnels as their highway or as a means to protect their source of food. These tubes can be hidden under siding or sheetrock or made in plain view near the foundation of your house. 

What Do Termites Eat?

Termites may be eating away at any wood in your house for several years before the damage becomes noticeable. This damage can occur inside walls, roofs, and floors. You probably know that termites eat wood. But, although they prefer to eat wood, they also consume any mater that is cellulose like paper, books, insulation, and mulch. Thus, you may still have termite problems even if your house is made mainly of stone or brick. 

How to Keep Termites Away from Your House

You can effectively minimize the possibility of termites infesting your house by not attracting in the first place. This is possible by getting rid of access to the resources they need to survive. Thus, you should not stock firewood near any structure, repair plumbing leaks, ensure mulch are away from your home’s foundation, and correct condensation problems around your AC and HVAC units. Also, it is important to call a pest control company right away when you notice swarming termites. Discuss year-round termite protection with your pest specialist. 

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