New Jersey Real Estate Market 2019

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New Jersey in spring

New Jersey real estate market could be very interesting for years to come. We are sure that it offers great opportunities for young people. However, older ones should satisfy itself with great new opportunities in the real estate market. Do not forget that New Jersey is a great place for living. It is connected with New York, but still small and comfortable for living. As we have heard, it is especially interesting for millennials.

Ocean side in New Jersey
New Jersey ocean is very popular place for walking

Basic information about New Jersey real estate market

There are a few things you should know about New Jersey real estate market. They have great opportunities, but you should prepare yourself for a few important facts. After them, it would be much easier to find a good house for living in New Jersey.

It was a strong market before

Experts claim that New Jersey real estate market was in a rise in 2018. According to them, it has risen of 4% last year. However, it should be even higher in 2019. Prepare yourself for higher prices, but also great offers.

The median sale is among the highest in the US

Median sale in November was $315,000. It is even for a 4.1% increase from last year. Not to mention that this rising is very fast for small New Jersey. All of these numbers show that New Jersey real estate market has great opportunities for the future.

The low price of sold houses

Obviously, for us is important how prices of the houses look like. According to information we have, houses have an average price of $279,000.

Home values increases, too

Along with the house price, the value of the house increases, too. It could be great information if you are interested in New Jersey real estate market. However, it also means to hurry up. Those prices will not remain too long. As they said, home values have jumped from 5.9% to 7% for a very short time.

Vacancies are in historical maximum

Not only that New Jersey real estate market is in rising, but the number of vacancies is also very high. It means a great opportunity for new people in New Jersey. People buy houses where they can work, don’t they?

Millennials and first-time buyers

As we said, New Jersey real estate market is a great opportunity for those that want to own house for the first time. They are ready for life opportunities, love to change positions and place where they living. They also can afford a new house. You can check on the New Jersey official site the lifestyle that New Jersey offers to the young people.

Beach by New Jersey lake showing why New Jersey real estate market becomes popular
New Jersey is popular place for millennials


There are many conditions that house buyers should fulfill, or be aware of. It is important to know that along with basic conditions for buying a house New Jersey has few special things buyers should fulfill.  On the other hand, there are conditions that effect on even higher house demands in New Jersey in the future.

Low unemployment rate

According to economic experts, New Jersey will have an even lower unemployment rate in the future. It means that the New Jersey real estate market will grow indirectly.

Updating existing infrastructures

There are many things that effect on high demand for houses in one area. Among other things is infrastructure. People simply like towns with good transportation, pretty buildings, and well-organized public transport. As official information claim, it will be even better in the future. New people in New Jersey should satisfy their expectations.

Mortgage rates are higher, but the industrial market is growing

There are two very important conditions for New Jersey real estate market growing. It is for sure that higher mortgage rates attract new buyers. However, growth in industrial field effect higher salaries and new job opportunities. Both are great for the real estate market.

Increased interest in Airbnb rental

Some people buy houses for rent. However, those houses must be in areas that are highly demanded. Last numbers show that more and more people love to rent in New Jersey, especially for short term. It means that New Jersey has a lot of opportunities for tourism. On the other hand, houses in New Jersey are obviously attractive. You should learn to enhance comfort in home decorating for that purposes, too.

University Princeton
There are many places for studying in New Jersey, too

New Jersey is near cities and center

Great location is surely one of the advantages of New Jersey. It is a place where Ample Moving NJ can move you for a lower price. After moving, you can explore numerous restaurants and shopping centers. You can also choose one of the local events that New Jersey offers. Since it is not so close to New York, but still feel urbanicity of that city, there are similarities with it.

Smaller houses

Nobody could answer why people prefer modular homes. However, in New Jersey real estate market, people should satisfy themselves with small houses. It has many advantages. Small houses presume lower heating costs, also lower taxes. However, living in a small house should not be hard, even you have a child or a pet.

Places to buy a house in New Jersey

There are a few places that are better and highly demanded in New Jersey. Houses there are maybe not always cheaper but have a great offer for the money you paid. Prepare yourself for many advantages that those houses have.


Moving to a place such as Hoboken could be highly interesting and challenging. Experts and people who live there describe it as maybe a little more expensive. However, it means better for a living and more urban. It is well connected with New York. There are many young people who live there, too.


There is a place that is almost in the center of New Jersey, but small like towns in the US. Prices there are not so high like in other parts of the US. You should prepare yourself for slow traffic and great events. Prices of the houses are for 20% lower. However, the cost of living is for 12% higher.

Englewood Cliffs

The best advantage of living there is a connection to New York, thanks to the metro. However, the prices of the houses are maybe higher, but taxes are lower. So, it could be a great place in New Jersey real estate market.