Move Out of NJ Now-Here Is What’s To Know

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Ah, New Jersey. What a wonderful land to live in. Until you move out of NJ, that is. Let’s face it, there are quite a few downsides to living in New Jersey. Because New Jersey has actually become the state where people mostly moved out from. But, what are the reasons for so many people to leave? Well, mainly it’s because of high property taxes, the new gas tax hike, and the conditions of the roads.

Reasons why are people moving out of NJ 

Twice as many people moved out of New Jersey in 2018 as moved in. The migration, the largest of any state, has dropped the Garden State’s population to pre-2013 levels. Of those leaving the Garden State, about 70 percent cited retirement or employment as the reason. The main reasons why are people moving out of NJ according to the study were new jobs, retirement, and family, followed closely by lifestyle and more distantly by health. Nearly two-thirds of people who moved to New Jersey in 2018 did it for a job.

New Jersey 

Where are people moving out of NJ? 

According to United Van Lines data, New Jersey is the second most moved-from state. If you’re wondering where exactly New Jersey residents are moving to, here’s a list of those places according to the IRS migration statistics. Take a peek when planning your long distance relocation and see where Garden State residents are packing their bags and moving to.

  • New York – It’s no surprise that New York tops the list as the state most New Jersey residents move to.
  • Florida – According to the United Van Lines data, retirement and job opportunities were among the top reasons NJ residents were moving.
  • Pennsylvania – Whether it is for convenience, a new job opportunity or a company transfer, many Garden State citizens are hopping over the border and taking up residence here.
  • California – New Jersey residents looking for warm weather, more jobs, and green spaces are choosing to leave behind New Jersey’s cold temperatures for sunny California.
  • Texas – The job opportunities that Texas’ companies are offering are no doubt a big reason why many New Jersey residents are packing their bags and heading here.

 When moving out of NJ 

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High costs of living force people to move out of NJ 

Move out of NJ is becoming a trend now. And here’s why! It’s not going to be a surprise that the number one most moved-out of-state was New Jersey. 67% of New Jersey moves were out of the state. According to respondents, the most common reasons for leaving the state were the usual things like moving for a job, trying to be closer to family, or lifestyle changes. Although the study does not detail exactly why New Jerseyans are moving out in such great numbers, you only have to live here to know why.

It’s just become too difficult and too expensive to live here. Also, several studies have shown that many New Jersey residents are moving out of the state at a high rate. New Jerseyans say that the high cost of living in the state is forcing them for moving house smoothly to Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

People are forced to move out of NJ because of higher costs of living

 Expensive housing in New Jersey

Many factors influence the decision to change residences, but usually, the primary reason is related to housing. That is a desire for newer or more affordable housing or for a different type or size of a housing unit. The built-out nature of the older, urban counties means that the supply of housing units of all types is constrained. That pushes up prices and forces many buyers to look farther out into the suburban border. This is especially true for buyers or renters seeking new construction. If you are not sure about buying a home then check out New Jersey Real Estate Market 2019. Rising property tax rates in older communities also help chase people to outlying suburbs. The lack of housing variety in much of exurban northern New Jersey pushes many homebuyers on into eastern Pennsylvania.

Housing in NJ can be very expensive! 

The location of jobs 

The location of jobs is also a major factor enabling outward migration. As jobs decentralize into the suburbs, many workers take this as a sign to move their residence even farther out into the exurbs. Especially if they are having a hard time finding or keeping affordable housing near where their job is now located.

Here’s why should you move out of NJ now! 

  • Property taxes – Find out from a friend in another state and learn how much does he pays for property taxes per year. And that will make you realize that you’re getting ripped off. People simply cannot afford to buy homes here because of high property taxes.
  • Pension system – NJ is keeping on promising public employees more and more stuff even though they don’t have the money to fulfill those obligations. And who loses out? Well anyone who tries to run a small business or anyone who works in the private sector.
  • Regulation – Leave an NJ state legislator alone for 10 minutes and he’ll come up with another law. New Jersey is rife with unnecessary, redundant laws, many of them designed to take your money. Try to start a small business here in New Jersey and you will quickly find that most of your revenue goes directly to the state in the form of licenses, taxes, and fees.
  • Corruption – is another reason why should you move out of NJ. There is no state in the country that allows for as much legal corruption as New Jersey does. Patronage jobs, double dipping, no-show paychecks, it’s a cornucopia of deception and lies.