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So you think you know about ties? You think it’s as easy as popping down to Next and grabbing a tie and running. No! That may have been you a few month’s back, but since you’ve upped your game and joined the style elite, you should know that purchase choices take a little more thought now. Anything worthwhile takes a little effort, so pick your ties with caution and…know what you want.

This week’s quick-read article is about the top tie types. Each and every one of us are different, so there are a few on offer to tickle the taste buds of us all. Get to know them and get rid of your old, mashed up sixth-form ties. Your mum lied. They look terrible!


The classic tie is the one your dad wears to work. It’s the formal style that is best suited or paired with a finely-pressed, well-fitted suit. The width of these ties are usually a lot bigger to most trendy type ties and are not to be worn casually. The choice of fabrics vary; from cheaper nylons to the more expensive silks. We suggest that you stick with the latter material group as it makes life so much easier when it’s time to tie them.

Nowadays, retailers are providing us with the classic tie in more widths. There is a slim width option which looks a lot more stylish and less Mr Bean. It isn’t as slim as the skinny tie though, but it bridges the gap and is available in many shops, including Tie Rack. As you’ll be wearing these ties with your suits, it’s best to begin with basic block colours and stripes. Navy is your most versatile style so if you’re unsure, go with that.


Once a teen trend, the skinny tie has fought a long and hard battle and now deserves to be named as a staple in the younger man’s wardrobe. Chaps in Britain are definitely beginning to understand the power of their personal appearance and ties have now found themselves apart of the ‘casual mans’ wardrobe. You can afford to get a little more experimental with styles, colours and patterns, in turn, upping the potential of more outfits. Rock a skinny tie with jeans, trousers or even shorts, or pair it with some Tom Ford sunglasses  and a blazer for a razor-sharp look. Because they are understood to be a casual garment, you’re free to do what the hell you want!


The knitted tie has made a resurgence and rightly so. It adds much needed texture to any outfit and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Imagine if everyone at work wore a silk tie; slip on a knitted tie and instantaneously, you have become a style guru within your own immediate community. The best thing about knitted ties is that vintage styles are readily available and they add a je ne sais qoui to your outfit.

The fact that they are vintage means that even if that jealous, insecure idiot at work decides to copy you to crave more attention, he CAN’T because vintage ties are often singles and extremely rare. Well, he can go to the high street and get some widely available ones there but they won’t be as detailed or unique.


A bow tie is something that every guy should own. You don’t have to be as brave as wearing one casually like the model above, but it’s 100% necessary if you’re are wearing a tux. Would James Bond be caught wearing a skinny tie at a formal event? Exactly. Set your standards high and you can’t lose. (And if you don’t have a dinner jacket or tux, I suggest you starve for a month and spend that saved money!) However, bow ties don’t just stop at formal wear though. This season, they have been making their way in to the casual wardrobe. We’re not gonna lie to you, it does take some swagger and confidence to pull of a bow tie casually, especially while maintaining your masculinity. Both of those things can always be gained and improved on anyhow, so don’t dismiss it straight away. It may not be for everyone, but if you want to grow some balls and give it a shot, then here’s some tips:

  1. A bow tie is going to be a very strong focal point on your outfit, so try not to wear too many ‘peacocking pieces’, like bright colours or loads of accessories. Otherwise you’ll end up looking like a clown… literally!
  2. The easiest way to rock one is with jeans, a shirt and a blazer. Be careful of a teaming a bow tie with a waistcoat, as you don’t want people randomly handing you green chalk for that snooker cue, do you?
  3. Wear it with confidence! Style is something that when coupled with confidence, creates so much more attention. If you look like you’re feeling a little embarrassed and unsure of wearing it, so will other people.