Last-Minute Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

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As the deadline for the UK’s Stamp Duty Holiday looms and a greater number of homeowners seek to sell their property in an exceptionally market, there is a rush of last-minute renovations and redesigns taking place. This is not solely because homeowners are looking to maximise their potential income from a sale but also because, during such a competitive market, they are also endeavouring to ensure their property stands out from the crowd.

If you are one of these homeowners or are looking to add value to a property for a potential sale, then the following tips are for you. Each one is a surefire way to make your property more appealing to buyers and more likely to sell.

Spend On the Long Term

Purchasing new design features or a new piece of furniture might make your home seem more immediately attractive. However, experienced buyers will know that the real value of a property comes from its long-term savings.

Instead of a last-minute splurge on new decor before your viewings begin, consider spending money on a new boiler. It might feel less exciting but, to a potential buyer, it signifies great energy costs and peace of mind.

Renovate the Right Rooms

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms and are most likely to fall under heavy scrutiny. If you’re going to undertake renovation work these are the rooms to spend on. Additionally, when it comes to your viewings, not only should these rooms be absolutely pristine but you should also be well-informed of their fixtures.

Being able to describe the pipework and features of these rooms can instil great confidence in a buyer, who will know that they have been well-maintained.

Modernise the Garden

Gardens have become a valuable asset to British properties. Many buyers will be comparing your property’s outdoor space with other, similar homes, looking for luxurious features like summer houses and ponds. By giving your garden such desirability, you set yourself out from the crowd. While the country’s weather might not always lend itself to enjoying a sunny afternoon, homeowners value their outdoor space all the same.

Open Your Space

Above perhaps any other home decor asset, space remains one of the most valued assets of a property. While adding an extension may not necessarily fit with the last-minute ideology, there are many ways to achieve a greater sense of space.

Well-designed storage spaces not only provide ample room to conceal clutter but are also themselves discrete. Being able to tidy your belongings away into a disguised storage space will help your home to feel larger while being nonetheless practical.

Spruce the Facade

First impressions are not only for people but houses too. By adding vitality and flair to the front of your home, you are positively impressing upon potential buyers. Every detail, from the window frame to letterbox, has the possibility to give those visiting your property a good feeling, so be sure to stand back and consider what can be improved.

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