Kinds of Wood Siding for your house

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Choosing which wood siding to make use of could be a difficult endeavor. This quick summary of styles will help you form a great jumping off point for additional analysis.

Hardboard/Composition Board

Hardboard siding is produced by utilizing wood chips, fiber and resins to produce large sheets. These sheets may then be slashed into various styles. Hardboard is comparatively affordable and sturdy as lengthy because it is installed a couple of inches above walk out and correctly sealed.


Shingles can offer the great shake look but they are manufactured to size and therefore are therefore a lot more even just in size and search than shakes. Shingles are rectangular fit and therefore are typically produced from cedar plank. Cellular phone costs on shingles could be costly because they are time intensive to set up. They’re set up in an overlapping fashion like shingles on the roof and could be applied in a number of patterns.


Clapboard is just lengthy wooden boards applies within an overlapping patter in the ground-up. They may be installed vertically too however this is viewed less frequently. This is actually the typical wood siding look and delay pills work with a number of home styles. The board can be created of a number of wood types.

Plywood Siding

Plywood siding is easy and straightforward to use and affordable. The siding may come in a number of wood types permitting variation in texture. If correctly maintained, plywood siding may last for decades.


Shakes act like shingles expect they’re produced by splitting logs. As a result, each shake is exclusive in shape and size. Consequently they can be more costly than shingles. Shakes are vulnerable to warping and splitting and should inspected regularly and also the deteriorated ones replaced or repaired. Even though they are extremely attractive, they aren’t the ideal choice if you’re searching for any low maintenance exterior. Like shingles they may be costly to set up.

Tongue and Groove

This siding includes boards that can lock together. It’s are produced in a variety of widths with various grooves or patterns in it. Tongue and groove is great for vertical siding given that they lock tightly together.