Is Hiring a Housekeeper an Obscene Luxury?

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Modern society enables you to indulge in many luxuries. A sports car, the latest iPhone, expensive watches, vacations halfway across the world, and more. However, with busy schedules, hiring a housekeeper is far from a luxury. Sometimes your home is so messy that you don’t have a choice but to search for “cleaning services near me” and hire a professional housekeeper or cleaning company. Let’s check out why hiring a housekeeper isn’t an obscene luxury:

The Debate

  1. They save you time – When you’re young and single and trying to climb your way up the ladder, you have to work a full-time job and a few extra shifts or gigs to bring in extra cash or gain valuable experience. In today’s economy, families with full-time working partners are also very common. Most people don’t have the time to properly clean their homes.

Apart from your work you also need to take care of household chores. Taking care of the kids, checking the bills, organizing the stock in your fridge, cooking meals, and more. A housekeeper can help reduce your burden by a significant margin. They can keep your home clean and also help you with some other chores like helping the kids organize their toys. This lets you take a breather and use that valuable time and energy on something more fruitful.

  1. They save you money – Housekeepers can also save you a lot of money in opportunity costs. Let’s say you earn around $50 an hour. An average person spends around 5 hours every weekend cleaning their home. In that time, you could have earned around $250. On average a housekeeper visit would cost you around $150. That saves you around $100.

Moreover, a housekeeper can clean your home a lot better than you. They have professional training and years of experience under their belt. They know how to tackle stubborn stains, dirty spots, and more such places with maximum efficiency. Your home always looks better after professionals clean it.

Even if you don’t earn $50 an hour, you’ll be breaking even if you earn just around $30. That’s a lot of time spent working, making more connections to boost your career, and gaining more valuable experience in the industry.

  1. They make your home more hospitable – Apart from that rare breed of people who are cleaning bugs and enjoy wiping away every speck of dust throughout the day, cleaning is a tiring and bothersome chore that no one likes. You either do a shabby job or keep postponing your chores and let your home get filthier by the day.

Hiring a housekeeper helps you solve that problem. Just one visit every week can keep your home a lot cleaner than you can imagine. They also advise you on organizing your stuff better so that things are less cluttered and there’s a lower chance of spills and messes in your home. Your home stays clean and hygienic. You feel better living in such an environment and also feel comfortable inviting guests over.

  1. You suffer from fewer health problems – As mentioned above, when you hire a housekeeper, your home stays clean and hygienic. It stays free from dust and has fewer mold and mildew developing in random places. When you don’t have a housekeeper taking care of the cleaning, the excess dust in your home invades your lungs and endangers the health of both you and everyone in your family.

Moreover, mildew and mold release spores that can infect your respiratory system and reduce your lifespan by a significant margin. You can also develop chronic respiratory diseases in such an environment. Hiring a housekeeper helps avoid. A clean home also keeps away rats and other pests that may like to make your home their own.

  1. You can take care of elderly people in your life – You may not need a housekeeper to keep your home clean. However, the same isn’t true for your elderly parents and loved ones. As people get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to do daily chores and regular housekeeping tasks. A home that is unclean and full of clutter is also very hazardous to the elderly since it may cause an accident.

With your own home and busty work life, it’s very difficult for you to lend a hand. At the end of the day, you need to put food on the table and pay the bills. In such situations, housekeepers can be a big help. They can keep the home of your elderly parents clean and also help with small errands.

  1. You need to take care of a new baby – When you have a baby it’s a challenging phase of your life. You have to say goodbye to your regular schedule and sleep cycle. Waking up frequently at night to attend to the baby, cleaning up the puke, and changing diapers.

There’s a lot to do and the first few months can be draining. Even with extra weeks of paternity and maternity leave, you’ll feel very exhausted. That’s why hiring a housekeeper is crucial during this phase of your life. They can keep your home from looking like an absolute horror story while you attend to your baby and focus on all of their needs.

  1. You get to travel – Sometimes, you need to take a vacation to get away from the chaos and recharge yourself to get back to work. Your housekeeper keeps your place clean and orderly when you return home after a few weeks of fun. Moreover, if you have a job that makes you cross state and city lines quite often, you’ll hardly have enough time for your cleaning chores. Hiring a housekeeper is the best decision in such scenarios.


As you can see, you have plenty of valid reasons to hire a housekeeper. Apart from saving your time and energy, they can also save you money directly or indirectly. To hire a reputable housekeeper, you can search for “cleaning services near me”.

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