How to Give Your Small Garden the Wow Factor all Year Round

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Some people think that having a small garden is a nightmare; however having a small garden can in many ways be beneficial, with less to think about and less work to do. If you have a garden that is big enough to sit out in, big enough to place a few plants, and big enough to make a pretty view from the inside of your house, we wouldn’t say that you have a small garden, we would say that you have a garden that holds that potential to be perfect! There are many things that small garden owners can do to enhance their outdoor spaces, some of which we are going to listing today. If you are the owner of a small garden, this article is for you.

Top Tips for Small Gardens

  • When planning for your garden you should always consider the view from inside your home – ensuring that you garden design is going to provide you with a beautiful view. Given our climate we spend a lot of our time looking at our garden from inside therefore this is especially important
  • Keep it simple and remember the gold gardening rule of three. The rule of three applies to most things within gardens, but this time we are talking about sticking to a maximum of three materials, for example sandstone, grass and gravel. Having more than three flooring solutions in a small garden can make them look even smaller than they actually are so this should be avoided
  • Consider the golden rule of three when it comes to colour choices too, trying to use only three colours
  • Think about the lighting that use in your small garden. Yes you may think that this is not that important but having adequate lighting can make a lot of difference. Don’t only think about lighting that’s high up but also think about floor level lighting solutions that will make your garden glow during the winter months and long nights
  • Think about privacy. Privacy can often be hard to achieve in small gardens however it is often possible. Carefully placed shrubs and lines of trellis can help to make small gardens seem more private
  • Consider hiring garden designers. A garden designer will be able to work closely alongside you, helping you to achieve the small garden of your dreams