Get Affordable Stair Lifts for Your Home

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If you or a loved one needs help navigating your staircase, you can get a stair lift installed in your home. A stair lift is a motorised chair that is installed along the railing or wall of your staircase. It is very safe, and it creates mobility for someone who is recovering from an injury or at risk. Take a look at the following information on stair lifts.

Installing a Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift will be installed against the wall. This works well when your staircase is one flight of stairs. The chair will slide along the track, and there are options available if you have limited space. You can get a folding chair that folds up after you use the stair lift. This helps when you have narrow hallways or a doorway right by the stairs.

You can also get a swivel seat if you need extra help. With this kind of seat, you will be able to rotate the chair to prevent any falls down the stairs. The stair lift also comes with a warranty of five years. This is a great way to ensure that you or your loved one can navigate the stairs safely.

Installing a Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is the right choice when you have a landing between two sets of stairs, or if you want the chair to curve around the banister at the base of the stairs. These stair lifts can be custom tailored to work for any type of stair design, and you have different chair options as well. You can get a folding chair that tucks away neatly when it is not in use, or you can have a seat that parks and waits for you to return.

Having a curved stair lift can change your life. You can go up and down the stairs with ease without risking a fall. It works for elderly people as well as people who are recovering from an illness or an injury.

Stairlift Rental

If you need a stair lift on a temporary basis, you can find cheap stairlifts in Coventry for rent. They can be rented for a short time, a medium time, or an extended time. This is a great option when someone in your household is recovering from an injury or an illness.

Final Words

Stair lifts can provide freedom and flexibility for anyone who has lost their mobility. There are many options, and they are affordable.