Few Signs of Carpenter Ant Damage and Infestation

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If you are living in Seattle area, then you must act quickly if your area is found to be infested by carpenter ants. They are very potent destroyer of woods and if they are not checked in time then they can do massive damage to your wooden structures, and the safety of your building can be in jeopardy. As soon as you notice any big black ant moving around your premises, you must call a professional pest controller.

Carpenter ants are not too difficult to identify. Any normal person can notice them with their naked eye by looking at their size and colour. Therefore, by looking at any black large ants near the premises may confirm the presence of carpenter ant.  These pests are capable of damaging the wood where they make their nest.

Usually, they do not eat wood as their food but they carve out in the softer portion of the wood to make their nest. You can also notice small amount of wood piles near your wooden furniture, wall studs etc.

Following are few signs of infestation of fourmis charpentières.

  • If you spot any large red or black ants moving around your house
  • Notice piles of wood shaving or in the form of sawdust near doors, windows and baseboards.
  • In your lawn, you can notice very long paths or trails of ants. These ants usually travel long distance to bring their food and come back to their nest from the same path.
  • If you can hear rustling noise inside the woodwork or on the walls, as they form their burrow inside the wooden item to form their nest. Noise will come when they are scrapping the wood.
  • If you notice large winged ants are coming out from any hidden cracks, walls or ceilings.
  • If you discover their shed wings or droppings near the window or baseboards.

How to get rid of them

If the action is not taken during early stages of infestation then they can spread all over the house very soon and damage various wooden structures. It is not very difficult to locate their primary colony. They may be usually within 100 feet of your building. There may not be single primary colony but many of them surrounding your house.

It is not too easy to get rid of them in case they have infested your premises. It can be very long battle. Therefore, it is better to involve a professional pest control company.