Designing The Home That Has Everything

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Whereas aesthetics tend to drift in and out of style, luxurious assets seldom change, maintaining their value for long periods of time. The most iconic example of this is the swimming pool, or perhaps the hot tub, both of which transform a home into a decadence, not only because of the immense enjoyment such an asset brings but also because they necessitate space and construction that only certain properties can accommodate.

Swimming pools and hot tubs are not the only assets that can come to define a home’s image of luxury. In fact, with developing technology, there are many others too. So, if you want inspiration for your next home renovation project or you are curious to see if your home could accommodate such a modern luxury, here are some ideas for how to design the home that has everything.

Virtual Reality

The most iconic of new technologies is the one that many companies are placing their bets upon. VR entertainment and experience is set to be the new big industry. Despite its wide regard, it remains in the realms of luxury, however, largely due to the equipment and the required space. A truly great VR experience cannot happen without the space to enjoy it safely.

If you do have the space to swing your arms and leap around in your home, without fear that you will get so lost within the experience that you’ll injure yourself, you may want to consider enhancing your experience with accessories. Walking machines and trackpads can be expensive assets, those that require specialist installation, but they can be just what you need to immerse yourself fully within another world.

A Private Garden Getaway

If technology isn’t your thing, perhaps you would prefer the luxury of a private getaway. Personal log cabins, those established within your own garden, are remarkable assets and far more versatile than a garden shed. These spaces can be built to include all manner of facilities, even functioning as their own property.

Should you want to share this outdoor space, however, then you can even design your cabin to be opened up, as a dining area or mini-cinema. The possibilities really are endless and there is a dedicated community sharing and showcasing their own stylish designs that may serve as great inspiration for your own project.

Off The Grid

In a culture of eco-friendliness, having a house that is off the grid, one that is also able to support its own energy consumption and minimise its impact on the environment, is an incredible luxury. An increasing number of luxury homes are being redesigned to achieve self-sustainability. To accomplish this, solar panels and rainwater harvesting are being installed alongside land dedicated to animal husbandry and smallholding.

Historically such endeavours may have been seen as unglamorous but as society makes great strides towards sustainability those that are able to reduce their carbon footprint to zero, or achieve a positive impact, are enjoying a new form of freedom within their homes.