Current Trends in Bathroom Design

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If there is one room in the house that can take you away from the realities of the day, it is the bathroom. You should approach this space as your personal spa, and design it for wellness and destressing. If you intend on future home improvements, make sure to pay special attention to the bathrooms, particularly the master bath. New ideas come along every year as bathrooms are becoming more and more magical, and this year is no exception. Following is a list of some of the trends you will see, perhaps you will get some ideas for your own project.

  • Open Concept Shower Space: Glass walls have been popular for a while now, lately the walls have been used as a room divider, instead of a box around the shower. One side of the wall is the dry area, and the other side for wet. On the dry side you have your vanities and your storage. On the wet side you have a tiled grotto, with his and her showers and a freestanding tub, maybe some stone benches too. This area can be even better with integrated programmable lighting and a sound system.
  • Black Fixtures: Grey has been very popular for years now, but tones have gotten darker and darker. This trend has affected fixtures as well, and now it’s the black fixtures that have the right look and feel.
  • Tile: Tile is not a new trend, but with every year there are some amazing new products that need to be checked out. A lot of good design ideas come from having a look at exciting new materials. If you need help making decisions or putting a whole plan together, there are experts in bathroom renovations in Northern Beaches.
  • Free Standing Tubs: Clawed tubs were much in demand not that long ago, but something has changed, and now the tall single piece tubs, that sit directly on the floor, are getting all the attention. This one elegant piece will change any bathroom and there is no better place to soak your cares away.
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper is very cyclical, but every time it comes back it has a new look. Now they have wallpaper that simulates stone surfaces, such as marble. Wallpaper has always been an efficient way to deal with wall space, and if you use a product that is durable in moist areas. You can create a unique look that goes beyond what you can do with tile and paint.

If you really want to fall in love with your home again, make the bathroom into your personal wellness centre. You owe it to yourself and your partner will also be thrilled.